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           DALE CALANDRAActor  Director  Writer Producer    "CREATIVE LIFE" COACH


What do you see in the ROAD PICTURE above?     I see a New Adventure!             A chance to FIND or CREATE a DREAM!    (some see endless miles and miles & they'll run out of gas...) 

Now... more than ever... we must ACCEPT the WORLD we're in & Creative Beautiful new PATHS to EXPLORE!                          

As a Well-Respected Member of the Chicago Theater Community...                 >For 25 years I have GUIDED the CREATIVE ARTIST through Career Advice and Coaching.                                  >Now I OFFER a Custom Plan to BUILD or START a CAREER. Or just explore a new Creative Opportunity.

DISCOUNTS given for On-Going Coaching & Actor Recommendations              (JUST ASK ME)

We can meet up for coffee to Start   & See where you've been and where you're headed   (no charge)

Acting Coach                           "DALE CALANDRA'S CREATIVE LIFE"

NOW available for PRIVATE COACHING ($70 hr) and WORKSHOPS  (auditioning, on-camera, musical, Shakespeare, ONE-PERSON SHOWS (consult/create/direct)        BACKGROUND:                        --->Creative Director of Center Theater's TRAINING CENTER FOR THE WORKING ACTOR (17yr)                                        >THE 4th WALL (5y)                              >THE ARTISTIC HOME: Master Classes (10yr)                                                   >Plus Acting Teacher at COLUMBIA COLLEGE Theater & TV Departments (20+ Yrs) and ROOSEVELT UNIVERSITY


Script Development               Film, Television, Plays,                          Cabaert, One-Person Shows                 >Will work in all areas: IDEAS to FINISHED SCRIPTS to PRODUCTION       (Consult/Create/Direct)                     $Prices start at $70... ask about Packages   

LYSISTRATA 2411 A.D. (published Doubleday)           Plus: Film/TV/Theater Scripts  (Produced)             --ASK FOR SPECIFICS--

Director (150+ PRODUCTIONS) Shakespeare, Modern, Musicals, Film, TV  >Founder:Center Theater Ensemble (20yr)  >Artistic Director: Festival Theater (12yr)

* Makeup Design                         FULL SERVICE DESIGNS: research, makeup & wigs, application (over 800 jobs)  + The CHICAGO BAR ASSOCIATION annual SHOW (33yr)

*Artist  POTTERY DESIGN: Functional, Raku, Handbuilding...  plus TEACHING Beginning wheel-throwing & handbuilding               Other ART includes: WATERCOLOR, PEN & INK, MASKS, PUPPETS, COLLAGE &      "BEACHGLASS ART"(copyright) one-of-a-kind pieces made from natural found objects (beach glass, driftwood, shell, stone)

Actor: Theater, Film, TV,    Commercial, Industrial, Web              AEA      SAG-AFTRA


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CONTACT:                 (773) 551-0875   Dcalan2386@aol.com ShowBizDude@aol.com  


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